Taking Safety High Load in Factories Pilz Pnoz Power

Taking Safety High Load in Factories Pilz Pnoz Power

You can monitor E-STOP, safety gates and light curtains using the PNOZpower monitor safety relay for high power loads in your factory.

With PNOZPower you can change  current up to AC / DC 16 A per connection. A total of 40 A cutting capacities per module are available.

There is no need for external conductors and conductor combinations. The base unit processes the inputs, while the output modules are matched specifically to the corresponding load. Depending on the application, the number and capacity of the safety connections can be scaled. You can connect up to five modules to the base unit. Modules are connected to the base unit by cable via the internal bus system.


  • You no longer need external conductor combinations and associated wiring, so you save costs, time and commissioning time.
  • Reduce downtime and diagnostics via LEDs; alert  operation condition and fault condition for each modüle
  • Units can be pre-wired and units can be easily reaplaced thanks to plug-in connection terminals
  • Changing the back-up load
  • Selecting scalable, flexible compatible modules

Sample Application | Shutting Engines Safely

PNOZpower modules are not only used on the PNOZ p1p base unit. Eg. with the PNOZ Pe2P Coupling Connector you can connect to PNOZmulti small control systems. The power modules can directly switch off supply voltages and motors safely,. The ability to switch high currents up to 16 A per module eliminates the need for external conductors.





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