Sick Sensor

Sick Sensor

Sick Sensor, which has started its operations in Turkey in 1984, continues to work as a 100% German company since 2004. Offering intelligent sensors from the process industry to the automotive industry at many points, Sick also produces solutions for easier and faster integration of industrial plants into Industry 4.0. With Sick’s IO Linked sensors, more intelligent and remotely controllable sensor solutions are emerging.

Sick Product Groups

  1. Fluid Sensors
  2. Analyzer Solutions
  3. Inductive Sensors
  4. Encoder Sensors
  5. Photocells
  6. Gas Analyzers
  7. Light Percent
  8. Contrast Groups
  9. Ultrasonic Sensors
  10. Measurement and Detection


Sick Smart Sensors

Smart Sensors create and receive data and information derived from conventional switching signals or measured process quantities. In this way, serious productivity increase, greater flexibility, and better planning security for predictive plant maintenance are achieved. Smart Sensors cover the four dimensions of the intelligent sensor system, depending on the requirement.

The highest possible robustness in object detection and measurement data logging is a key feature for every Smart Sensor.  Smart Sensors communicate with control systems in the upper position via IO-Link: A world-wide, robust communications channel for field-level sensors and actuators offers numerous practical advantages in the everyday work of the industry.



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