OMRON G2RV Slim Relay

OMRON G2RV Slim Relay

Insted of  retrofitting an existing PCB, designing from zero according to their own principles, Omron’s G2RV series, is one of the thinnest and most compact industrial relays in the industry. Thus, G2RV offers a wide variety of benefits to machine builders and panel manufacturers. Despite having a width of only 6 mm, it provides full durability and reliability for industrial applications. It is therefore ideal for compact panels and equipment.

The G2RV operation fields are standardly industrial relay with LED indicator, mechanical marking and transparent casement. It can be used with PLC and push-in terminals. Wiring is fast and reliable. A wide range of products featuring 6 different coil voltage gradients are available to switch up to 6 amps.


  • 25% lower than conventional products which contributed to the further downsizing of the control panel.
  • Opening and closing with using only a pole
  • Micro load products for a pole 50mA are available using Au coating contacts for small load switching.
  • Since the G2RV is a transparent box, it is possible to confirm the contact with the naked eye.
  • The screw terminal is also stocked to meet the screw type needs.
  • The assembled relay uses plugged terminals that are difficult to bend when being replaced.




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