EAE Cable Tray Busbar

EAE Cable Tray Busbar

EAE Cable ducts or busbar systems;

ensure the regularity and safety in the cables installation and transportion. Thanks to the unique design of the EAE, these cable ducts can be installed and mounted quickly and easily.

  • Cable duct systems and hangers; Automation based tapes are made due to international standard and high quality.
  • It differs according to usage areas and environment conditions.
  • Electrostatic painted products are manufactured upon request.

E-Line UKS series

Pre-Gauge Cable Trays are produced according to  TSE and ISO 10143 standards. Since it is produced by Roll Forming method, it is produced up to 6 meters length in one piece. It is produced in a standard length of 3 meters. It is designed to carry the cable installations in  internal areas of facilities and buildings.

It is specially designed for carrying cable installations in facilities and buildings, especially in internal areas. Load carrying capacity is increased by giving shape to shaft. In this respect, lower thickness shaft than standard thickness and more economical products with the same load carrying capacity can be produced. It can be produced as pregalvanized or hot dip.

E-Line TLS series

Thanks to its cage structure of the wire channel systems, it is possible to cable out easily from the wire to the down, to the right and to the left. Stainless steel or Electro galvanized coating is possible.



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